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Prayer Request: Please pray that I come back to church and allow God into my life. I need strength to find peace and gratitude for all that I have… I need strength to treat myself better and live a healthy lifestyle… I need strength to fight depression and sadness… I need God in my life… Amen


Prayer Request: May God warm Karen’s heart to speak and reconcile with those who helped her on the journey.


Prayer Request: Please pray for my daughter, Alexandra, who is 15 years old and was recently diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma that metastasized to other bones in her body. She is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment and will be receiving radiation in a few months. She is homebound from school, which made her upset, for Alex loves school. Please keep Alex in your prayers for a full recovery. – Dorit Lamparter


Prayer Request: Please pray for my mother, Carol Dooley, who suffers from debilitating osteoporosis and is in extreme pain. Her condition is too far for her to receive any kind of remedial treatment, so all that can be done is pain management which, this far, isn’t working. Many thanks for your prayers. – Kathleen Breslin


Prayer Request: Kindly pray for my daughter 17 1/2 years old who is having evil spirit in her, kindly pray for her to be free from all the deadly evil spirits in her and be filled with the fullness of holy spirit so as to keep 100% purity in her whole life like all the Saints! We have noticed a wrong friendship of herself with a boy classmate (muslim) of her. We are very much worried about her for this matter! Kindly my dear mother, I have you and your son only to help me in this world. We have nobody else in this world to help us or we have nobody to share this matter! We have you and your son only, kindly help me my dear mother, kindly I beg you mother! Kindly bless my daughter to be free from all the deadly evil spirits and be filled with the fullness of holy spirit so as to keep 100% 100% purity in her whole life so as to receive all the all the blessings from you and your son without any hinderence! Thank you mother for helping me!


Prayer Request: I’m asking for prayers of reconciliation for myself and the love of my life. She is my best friend and I hope one day for her to be my wife. But recently we had been arguing and it scared her and she left. I know this seems silly but she was the one person who loved me and I love her. Please bring us back together again, let our foundation be strong and loving please let me get the apartment that I recently applied for. I want to create a home for my family including her. I love her and I want her in my life forever. Thank you, Shell


Prayer Request: Please pray for my family and I to be protected and freed from sickness, evil ,harm, dangers, witchcrafts, temptation, calamities and all bad feelings. We are facing financial difficulties, struggling with the house. Please pray for us that the financial institutions continue helping us through these hard times. I pray for my bright future so I can meet with my true soul mate soon, that is worthy of my love, that will love me, adore me, cherish me unconditionally and ready to build a life with me as my loved wife forever. Please pray that my father may be able to stop drinking and smoking so he could have good health and strength to do good things in life. – Eric Stewart Malina


Prayer Request: Pray for the healing and reconciliation of Kandace and her mother Jennie, and the salvation and deliverance of Jennie. – Jim Karr


Prayer Request: For the homeless, the hopeless, the suffering, the sick, and the poor.


Prayer Request: I ask for prayers for my husband’s aunt, Sandy Becker. She is dying of heart failure and it could be at any time she will be called home to our lord. Please send your prayers to her and her family at this time of their sorrow. – Valerie Hoopingarner


Prayer Request: My wife Mary will be going into the hospital at Presbyterian on Friday the 21st for a couple of operations. Please keep her in your prayers that the operations are successful. – Terry G Dunigan


Prayer Request: I need God’s grace and mercy for my family. I am disabled from having eye problems, and surgery did not help. Our financial burdens are many. Need to have a measure of economic security.


Prayer Request: I pray that my husband will receive a job offer from his interview this Friday, April 26. This would enable us to move forward with our future plans which would bring us to South Carolina and would join your parish. I pray the transition will be a smooth one and that God will direct every step of the way and give us wisdom during the process.


Prayer Request: I request you to please pray for the complete healing of my mother [age 58years] who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 12years in which her knee joints and left hand joints have been in terrible pain. Please pray that the terrible pain in all her joints disappears and my mom gets complete healing from her rheumatoid arthritis illness. In the past few days my moms pain in her knee joints is unbearable with each step she takes. Please pray that her pain in her knee joints disappear forever. Thank you.


Prayer Request: I suffered a stroke on Sunday night and was rushed to CMC Main in downtown Charlotte. This has been complicated by my brittle diabetes and I simply need to go home to be with my heavenly father and my parents who went home when I was young. Please ask God to take me away from the pain, heartache, suffering and misery of the evil in my life or to help give me the strength and tools to defeat these demos who seek to destroy me. Thanks.


Prayer Request: Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery of baby Varvel in March following a high risk pregnancy. Also for financial health for them during this unhealthy economy. Thank you all.


Prayer Request: Please pray for my husband’s job and mine to be blessed, protected and successful as we face these very hard times. I also pray for blessings upon our daughters too. – Mindy


Prayer Request: Please pray with me..Thank you Lord that the kingdom of Heaven is here now..thank you for shining your overwelming love and joy into our world now which overflows into the hearts and minds of all your creatures now..All people feel the need to please you, to pray, to follow your commandments and repent of their sins..wonderful miracles and healings and heavenly visions are happening now all over the world. All people are now kinder, gentler, more compassionate, more happy more mannerly and feel the need to give to others..All evil, hate, fear, sickness, greed, indecencies and all anxieties have disappeared from our world now..All people now strive for peace esp in the middle east..The holy spirit now talks to the hearts of all the people now demanding peace love and harmony to all people.. All people are now falling in love with Jesus more and more everyday…Jesus is here now to save us..In Jesus name..Amen


Prayer Request: Please pray all my family members who have fallen from the Catholic Church return soon. Thank you very much.


Prayer Request: Dear God, please help two sisters, Karen and Diana, to reconnect and be loving sisters and friends for life.

Thank you for your prayers.


Prayer Request: Please pray for all persons with terrible problems in this page and also pray for my daughter and parents that are already with my Lord. Pray for my sisters, for their health and families. Pray for my youngest sister to change her attitude with us but specially with her little son. Please God, make her undesrtand that she is wrong.


Prayer Request: Please, Christ, answer my prayers: 1) For D and I to be a couple. Reunite us. Work through him and bless his heart and encourage him to reach out to me about this as he has in the past. Please let him know I need and want him, and I need another chance to let him know myself. 2) For a full-time teaching job for Fall 2012, esp. in the college. Amen.


Prayer Request: Prayers requested that the Lord understands and remembers the challenges, difficulties, and the hard times I’ve overcome in the previous half year and that he bless me with a job. Thank you.


Prayer Request: My sister, Maria, has a rare and incurable cancer that has spread throughout her body. She has a melon size tumor that protrudes from her upper back/shoulder area. She has tomato size tumors in her lungs that push out from her lungs and “squish” her esophagus. She has trouble breathing and eating because the tumors block her throat. She has cancer in her throat, back, spine, legs, pelvic. She is in horrible horrible pain every day but still gets up to go to work every single day. She is a much loved sister, mother, friend. please help us pray for a healing and recovery for her. Nina


Prayer Request: Please pray for my daughter-in-law, Sherri, who was diagnosed with breast cancer today. Also include my son, Don, and their 2 young daughters, Dorothy and Kaylee in your prayers. Joan


Prayer Request: Please pray for my baby chloe who is 1 week old for her health and protection. Pray for my husband Bradley. Pray God goes above and beyond and provides Bradley with a dream job that he will be very happy with. Pray for our family and for our marriage. It’s under alot of stress. Bless u, Venessa


Prayer Request: Please pray for our family. My husband got laid off from his job after 34 years and still cannot find one. Pray GOD leads my husband to a satisfying job real soon. I am short by $215. Please pray for a miracle. Pray my family will ner get in debt and always will be able to pay all our bills on time.Pray GOD will also provide the extras to my family. I am stressed and tired of the worrying. Thanks and God bless ,Pam


Prayer Request: I know The Lord is going to help me with a good job asap, and find a good place to live soon. Thanks for praying and believing with me, God bless you, In Jesus Name, Timothy


Prayer Request: Please pray for me to get job security. I have to renew my job contract on the 27th. Some people are trying to terminate me. I want this job. Please pray for me in Jesus’ name.


Prayer Request: My van is old and is breaking down and not running and I really need a decent car (I have 3 kids). I cannot afford to get my van fixed. Please pray God miraculously provides me a car with no debt. Please pray God blesses me financially to be able to provide for my 3 kids. Please pray God holds me and my 3 kids in His mighty hands forever.



Prayer Request:  Prayer Warriors, Rise up and take your watch. This is just in from one of our faithful pray-ers.

I need you now more than ever. My little grandson Rocky is being shipped to Denver Children’s Hospital. His lung is collapsing. Pray GOD heals him like new and God be Glorified.

I would like you to put him on every Prayer List that you can. We need a miracle for him. Anita, my daughter is unable to go to Denver with him. She just had a little baby on 2/1/2012.

Love Leona
Please pray.


Prayer Request: Please prayer for my co-worker, more so a friend, Debra Wedow who is just beginning a battle with breast cancer. Please let her have a speedy, and full recovery in the months to come.

In the name of Jesus we pray.


Prayer Request: A warm Hello, to all: parishioners, secretary, assistance Pastor, and Pastor of the Church of All Saints. I’am back in town and back to church, its a beautiful season to join my family and friends. Therefore prayers are always needed; can you kindly add me to your list and pray for me? As I need to grow more spiritual and in the love of God, and the Blessed Mother. I have loss everything with this bad economy, and certainly I want to keep my faith and believe more and Jesus Christ. Sometime bad things happen to good people, and my only hope is Jesus and Mary. Amen.

Please pray for my sanity, health, confident, love, and hope.

I wish all of you; A very safe, healthy, and wonderful Christmas!

In the Name Of Jesus and Mary mother of God.
Your friend, Gladys

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